Hi! I'm Ting-Kuei,

I received my B.S degree in EE Department at NCTU, Taiwan, in 2014. Currently, I am working as a research assistant in Acadimia Sinica, Taiwan, at EMCLab and CVLab. My research interests cover Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Mobile Computing, etc. Please find my latest resume here.


Dec. 2017: I will serve as the staff for Advanced Computer Vision Workshop @ CTIT 2017.
Please see the updated information in our webpage.

Dec. 2017: Congratulations! I will be invited to give a talk at Appier about my AAAI work.

Nov. 2017: Congratulations! My paper was accepted by AAAI 2018 with me listed as first author.

Oct. 2017: I will attend Open house in Academia Sinica.

Sep. 2017: One paper was submitted to AAAI 2018.

Jul. 2017: One paper was submitted to Proceeding of IEEE.

Secret code : sajfd hfafbjhd


Learning Adaptive Hidden Layers for Mobile gesture recognition

Personal Activity

Nov. 2017 Singing with members of SOCLab

Oct. 2017 Playing WindMills!

Oct. 2017 Partying with my friend


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